Best Practices for Completing the Form I-9 Remotely during the Coronavirus Outbreak 

From LawLogix, John Fay shares best practices for completing Form I-9 remotely. John writes: DHS Guidance on Completing I-9s for Remote Workers The Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) has long been aware of the I-9 trials and tribulations associated with remotely hired workers. And as mentioned above, the law allows employers to designate an authorized […]

American Staffing Association — COVID-19 Information and Resources for Staffing Companies

The American Staffing Association has a terrific page with information for staffing firms. Follow ASA for Latest on COVID-19 for Staffing Companies ASA, its legal team, and affiliated organizations will continue to provide staffing companies with the latest information related to COVID-19—specifically any updates and resources affecting operations or the safety of employees. Staffing companies […]


From, David S. Katz provides an overview of engaging with independent contractors in Massachusetts. David writes: There are a number of benefits for employers hiring independent contractors instead of employees. Independent contractors can take care of specific projects, seasonal work, and offer more flexibility for business needs. However, a number of states, including Massachusetts, […]

Do Companies Need a Written Security Information Plan?

From JDSupra, Angela Hsu and Jena Valdetero provide terrific guidance on a written information security plan. Angela and Jean write:   Do Companies Need a Written Security Information Plan? After a security breach occurs, customers, the media, regulators, and other interested parties routinely ask what measures the organization took to prevent the breach in the first […]

Massachusetts AG Announces Landmark Settlement With “Gig” Economy Company 

From Mondaq,  Courtney Longo reports that Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healy reached a settlement with the digital platform Stynt. Courtney writes: Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healy recently announced that her office has reached a “landmark settlement” with a Boston-based “gig” economy company. Healy stated that as of January 1, 2020, healthcare workers who use the […]

Massachusetts Attorney General Alleges Chipotle Served Up A Side Order Of Wage And Hour Violations, Reaches $2 Million Settlement 

From JDSupra, Lori Kalani and Bernard Nash report on a settlement between the Massachusetts Attorney General and Chipotle on allegations of violations of child labor and wage and hour laws. Lori and Bernard write: Massachusetts AG Maura Healey reached a settlement with casual dining restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (“Chipotle”) to resolve allegations of child […]

Massachusetts Employers Receive New Guidance Regarding Reimbursement for Qualifying Paid Leave Plans Under the State’s PFML Law

From JDSupra, Eric Emanuelson, Nancy Gunzenhauser Popper, and Anastasia Regne discuss recent guidance for reimbursement of qualifying paid leave. Eric, Nancy and Anastasia write: The Massachusetts Department of Family and Medical Leave (“DFML”) continues to provide ongoing substantive and procedural guidance regarding the implementation of the state’s Paid Family and Medical Leave Program (“PFML”). As […]

Anti-Raiding Provision Upheld by Massachusetts High Court

From Jackson Lewis PC, Colin A. Thakkar and Erik J. Winton discusses a recent case which upheld an anti-raiding provision in an agreement in connection with the sale of the business. Colin and Erik write: The Automile Decision In November 2007, Matthew McGovern (McGovern) became a founding member, as well as the Chief Financial Officer, of Prime Motor Group […]

Massachusetts Appeals Court discusses ABC Standard

In a recent case, Weiss v. Loomis, the Massachusetts Appeals Court reversed a directed verdict in a case alleging a worker was misclassified as an independent contractor. While the court did not reach a conclusion on whether the worker was an employee or independent contractor, the court did discuss the factors that a jury would […]