From Lawyers.com, David S. Katz provides an overview of engaging with independent contractors in Massachusetts. David writes: There are a number of benefits for employers hiring independent contractors instead of employees. Independent contractors can take care of specific projects, seasonal work, and offer more flexibility for business needs. However, a number of states, including Massachusetts, […]

Massachusetts AG Announces Landmark Settlement With “Gig” Economy Company 

From Mondaq,  Courtney Longo reports that Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healy reached a settlement with the digital platform Stynt. Courtney writes: Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healy recently announced that her office has reached a “landmark settlement” with a Boston-based “gig” economy company. Healy stated that as of January 1, 2020, healthcare workers who use the […]

Massachusetts Appeals Court discusses ABC Standard

In a recent case, Weiss v. Loomis, the Massachusetts Appeals Court reversed a directed verdict in a case alleging a worker was misclassified as an independent contractor. While the court did not reach a conclusion on whether the worker was an employee or independent contractor, the court did discuss the factors that a jury would […]