How to Look and Sound Confident During a Presentation

From Harvard Business Review, Carmine Gallo offers his recommendations on how to look and sound confident during a presentation. Carmine writes: How to Look Confident Make eye contact. Making eye contact is the first step to building trust with your listeners. “Eyes play a key role in human social encounters,” according to one research report. “When humans observe others’ faces, eyes are […]

How to Rehearse for an Important Presentation

From Harvard Business Review, Carmine Gallo provides outstanding advice on how to rehearse for a presentation. Carmine writes: Commit to 10x Improvement The “gospel of 10x” is a popular business philosophy that traces its origin to Google cofounder Larry Page. Where most leaders are happy with a 10% improvement, Page expected his team to create products 10 […]

What to Do When You’re Losing Your Audience During a Presentation

From Harvard Business Review, Dorie Clark provides excellent guidance for what to do if you’re losing your audience. Dorie writes: First, one of my favorite techniques for reclaiming attention is to move to a different part of the stage. Many presenters — hemmed in by the standard stage setup — default to delivering their remarks from […]