Employing Workers in Massachusetts: A Guide for Emerging Companies

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From JDSupraMichael L. Rosen provides a guide for emerging companies to hire workers. Note, this was initially posted in 2015 and may need updates.

At some point, every emerging company must identify and retain people to work for the business. The founders or owners of the business recognize that they cannot do it alone, and they need to bring on talented individuals to help the company grow. However, employment relationships are highly regulated. Federal and state laws impact such things as hiring and firing decisions, compensation, benefits, recordkeeping, safety, and workplace conduct. Emerging companies and new employers face unique challenges in this regard. They may lack experience with the vast array of legal requirements that affect employment decisions. In addition, managers of new businesses face so many other issues that labor and employment law matters may not receive the attention they require.

This Guide is intended to provide new businesses, particularly those in Massachusetts, with information about the basic requirements of federal and state law in the area of labor and employment. The format of this Guide is a series of frequently asked questions designed to address issues that are commonly confronted by new businesses.

Please see full alert below for more information.

Source: Employing Workers in Massachusetts: A Guide for Emerging Companies | Foley Hoag LLP – JDSupra

Employing Workers in Massachusetts a Guide for Emerging Companies


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